Bergdoktor e-bike tour “From the village square via the doctor’s practice to the Gruberhof”

Bergdoktor e-bike tour “From the village square via the doctor’s practice to the Gruberhof”

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“Der Bergdoktor” (The Mountain Doctor) is a famous German-Austrian TV series, which is produced in the Wilder Kaiser region. The “Gasthof Wilder Kaiser” inn which features in the TV series is located on Going’s lovely church square.

The flower-bedecked farmhouse, where the owner Johann Gschwendtner lives, can only be viewed from the outside. In the TV series, Susanne Dreiseitl (Natalie O'Hara) is usually to be seen serving her guests on the terrace or waiting for fresh deliveries from the Gruberhof.

The village fountain and the the Holy Cross Parish Church also play a very attractive role in the series.

The Marchstrasse and the Alte Strasse take you into the centre of Ellmau.

You carry on following the signs to the Hartkaiserbahn gondola lift which you pass on the left and head up the short steep slope to the Bergdoktor practice on the Faistenbichl.

This is where Dr Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl) and his mentor Dr Roman Melchinger (Siegfried Rauch) run the practice, with nurse Miss Bornholm (Nicole Beutler) and daughter Lilli Gruber (Ronja Forcher).

You now go a few metres back and turn left outside the Gasthof Au inn and follow the signs on the cycle trail to Söll till you come to the Hochsöll-Hexenwasser gondola lift valley station.

At the Söll valley station you follow the mountain road heading towards Köpfing (in front of the Stampfanger Kapelle chapel you turn left).

You follow the road for about 2 km to the “Gruberhof”, the home of the Grubers, by Köpfing.

The farm is run by Elisabeth Gruber (Monika Baumgartner) and her son Hans Gruber (Heiko Ruprecht) and is home to the Gruber family. The breakfast terrace in front of the building with its panoramic view is a particularly popular place in the TV series.

From the Gruber family’s mountain farm you can enjoy the views of the Wilder Kaiser and the Hohe Salve mountains and, after a good rest, it’s back to the starting point.

All filming locations of the Bergdoctor you can find here.

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